Maldives fires ‘too successful’ Dutch national coach: ‘Dirty taste of’

Martin Koopman has been completely unexpectedly fired as the Maldives national coach. The former player of Go Ahead Eagles and FC Twente, among others, understands nothing of his resignation and intends to challenge it.
Last month, the 65-year-old trainer from Deventer received the bad news. โ€œI just about blew up and have a very dirty taste of it in my mouth,โ€ says Koopman. โ€œBecause of success, your contract has been dissolvedโ€, Koopman expresses cynical about the course of business. โ€œIt‘s the truth too. As a national team, we were doing something so beautiful, took a point from a big country like the Philippines and placed us in front of the Asia Cup final tournament, for the first time in history.โ€
Merchant won’
t let it go with it. โ€œI took a lawyer in the arm,โ€ he says. In doing so, Koopman wants to force FIFA to pay his salary from his contract that was still running until 2024, while Koopman keeps his ears and eyes open for a new adventure. โ€œI am open to everything, I would also like to go back to the Netherlands. But first give this a spot. It was a special adventure, but with a very unsatisfactory slot.โ€