Malen did not give an interview at the CCEit: ‘The KNVB lost him, sounds crazy. ‘

Memphis Depay had a doping check and therefore did not give an interview after the Netherlands – Czech Republic. Donyell Malen was equally untraceable, says CCEIT reporter Jeroen Stekelenburg.
Memphis and Malen didn‘t give home against the Czech Republic. DecceIT wanted to interview the duo, but got zero on request. โ€œMemphis was in doping control. But if he had scored three times and had a doping check, he would have found a way to do an interview after all,โ€ says Stekelenburg at the CCEIT.
m especially curious about why Malen wasn‘t there. Maybe he wasn’t allowed,โ€ suggests Theo Janssen, who refers to the unfortunate role of Malen. โ€œWhat we were told from the KNVB is that they lost him at some point. It sounds a little crazy,โ€ says Stekelenburg.
โ€œI was disappointed, but there was also acceptance because this could happen during tournaments,โ€ says former coach Marco van Basten. โ€œThe way it‘s not fun, we’re all chauvinist anyway and want the Netherlands to get far, play well and become the sweetest champion.โ€
The feeling that players are left to a lost match depends on how, says Van Basten. โ€œIf you go down in battle, it‘s been a match and didn’t go along, or do you have a match like yesterday?โ€ says Van Basten, who points to the matches against Russia and Portugal in 2008 and 2006. โ€œThere was a lot of fighting and fighting, a lot happened. It was also a fight against Portugal. Portugal has also been eliminated, but it has been a fight and then you‘ll feel like it’s a pity, but better next time.โ€
โ€œThen you go on with the holiday and the next season, it‘s all going pretty fast. The disappointment basically lasts a few days and you need to move on. When you’re on the beach, sweat breaks out: shit, what happened?โ€ , Van Basten says.