Malfunction at Euronext after hour of profit for AEX

Investors kept an average profit on Monday, but were affected by a major malfunction at Euronext stock exchange company. Restoration of the Chinese economy and a view of an American support package propel the sentiment to the disturbance. Philips was in the interest after compelling quarterly results, Unibail was back in the lead.

The fairs in Amsterdam were all camped with a technical failure at around 10 oclock, reported Euronext. It is unclear when the fault is corrected. In many brokers the orders already placed could not be retrieved.

The AEX index was still 0.9% gain at 573.5 points until that malfunction. The AMX lost power and was just 0.2% higher at 844.3 points.

Elsewhere in Europe, the British FTSE held 0.1% profit, while the German DAX rose 0.3% and the French CAC was 40 0.8% higher. The French dairy group Danone intervened after disappointing sales, according to Bloomberg sent the CFO away and increased 2.5%.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed a 1.1% profit. Japanese exports fell less sharply in September than feared. The growth of the Chinese economy remained robust by 4.9% increase in the third quarter.

Scholarships in New York open from 0.5% to 0.6% in the plus at the start at 3.30 p.m. The agenda includes quarterly figures from IBM and Halliburton.

The positive sentiment on Wall Street was fueled after the Democratic President of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who stated that he was โ€œoptimisticโ€ that a deal could still be made with the Republicans on an additional Corona Support Package.

Investors were further concerned about the increasing number of Coronas victims, said Salah-Eddine Bouhmidi, Head of Markets at Broker IG. But that was โ€œamazingly good global economic dataโ€, which offered a profit below the line.

Brent oil became 0.2% cheaper at $40.90 per barrel. The euro rose 0.4% to $1.1590, gold and silver lived on. The British pound rose 0.3%. Markets still count on a Brexit deal, says currency dealer Monex Europe. British Minister Gove, key figure in Brexit policy, speaks in Parliament at 4.30 p.m.

,, The sentiment remains good. Partly because of a view of more incentive from the US and the latest Chinese GDP figure that is fine,โ€ says ABN Amros trader Frank Bonsee. ,, For the news, investors are looking at the latest business figure presentations this week and the procurement manager figures. After that, you are already against the US presidential elections, which can determine a lot.โ€

In the bond markets, investors took into account the expansion of the European Central Banks so-called PEPP purchase programme, thereby also reducing interest rates.

Philips leads AEX

Healthcare Technology Group Philips won 2.9% after better sales and profits in the third quarter compared to last year. It mainly benefited from increased demand for ventilation equipment due to the coronacrisis. Topman Frans van Houten reported further steady growth.

โ€œ We see an acceleration of the strategy as a result of covid to organize hospital care differently,โ€ he explained the question at BNR. According to Van Houten, the profit can increase 60 to 80 basis points per year in the coming years. The strong sales of electric toothbrushes and household appliances strongly pushed sales in the consumer sector. For that, there is, interest from several potential buyers,โ€ says Van Houten. The planned sale will be completed next year.

Strong results, according to INGs assessment of the Philips figures, although the analyst thinks the outlook for 2021 is somewhat flawful.

Shopreal estate fund Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield became worth 2.9% more after a strong performance last week.

KPN, which could count on buyer interest, went up 1.5%.

Biotech company Galapagos, which had to incorporate a setback in its drug test last week, rose 1.4%.

Payment processor Adyen won 1,3%.

Meal deliverer Just Eat Takeaway, after a strong profit last week, left 0.8% at the bottom of the index.

Paint company AkzoNobel lost 0.2% after the purchase, without reporting financial details, of the decorative painting activities of the Spanish Industrias Titan. According to analysts, AkzoNobel saw sales contraction in the third quarter. According to a consensus of the analysts, which the paint company has put on its website, the companys operating profits increased.

Among the medium-sized funds, real estate fund Eurocommercial Properties benefited from 2.6% profit at the head. Builder BAM followed with 1.8% profit.

ForFarmers wanted.

Veeederbedrijf ForFarmers (+4.2%) took over industry partner De Hoop Mengvoeders. Financial details of the smallcap fund deal were not provided. According to KBC, the expansion fits perfectly in the growth strategy of ForFarmers.

Beter Bed won8.6% in the local funds. DBC International, the wholesale branch of the bed vendor, entered into a cooperation agreement with the Asian retail chain DeUCCI, with more than 3600 showrooms, including premium brands in China.

Service provider to the oil and gas industry Core Laboratories (+2.2%) announced to have issued bonds for โ‚ฌ60 million.

Stock Exchange company Euronext rose to the malfunction, the largest in two years, by 1%.

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