Man (19) arrested for calls to Project X party in Hoogeveen

According to the municipality, an announcement of a Project X party is circulating on social media calling for a “celebration” in the centre of Hoogeveen tonight. Project X is a film from 2012 about a big party that is getting out of hand. A Project X party in Haren in 2012 resulted in riots and destruction.

The police suspect the 19-year-old of being the instigator of the calls. He’s still in jail. The municipality stresses that the party is forbidden.

Area bans and home visits

It’s been restless in Hoogeveen for a few days now. Over the past few days dozens of young people have taken to the streets and in some places fireworks have been set off. This week eight youngsters were arrested for setting off fireworks and insults. They have all been given an area ban, reports RTV Drenthe.

The police and the municipality of Hoogeveen visited forty people yesterday who were involved in large gatherings in Hoogeveen. According to the municipality, the young people and their parents received “a hearty conversation and a warning letter”.