Man (28) guilty of deliberately killing ten pedestrians in Toronto

A 28-year-old male has been found guilty by the Canadian court of intentionally killing ten pedestrians in the city of Toronto. Sixteen were injured in the attack in April 2018.

Alek Minassian previously admitted to being guilty of planning and executing the collision, but also stated that because of his autism he could be held โ€œnot criminally responsibleโ€. According to the court, it‘s not proven that his autism didn’t know what he was doing.

With a rented van, Minassian drove into his victims at high speed. The vehicle came to a standstill after about 2 kilometres.

Female hatred

In the police questioning, Minassian stated that he had acted out of misogyny. Eight dead were women. The man stated shortly before his act on Facebook that the โ€œuprising of the incels has begun.โ€ Incels are people who involuntarily live celibate.

The court ruled that the man is guilty of ten murders and sixteen attempted murder. His punishment will be announced soon. He has to take into account at least 25 years in prison.