Man (32) throws baby to cop after wild pursuit: ‘This beats everything’

A 32-year-old man from Florida ended up in jail for throwing a two-month-old baby after a wild chase at a cop. โ€œIve seen a lot, but this is all about it,โ€ says the officer who was able to catch the baby. โ€œIt wasnt a nice transfer, it was really a throw.โ€

The defendant, John Henry James, drew the attention of the police around 6:30 in the evening because he had not stayed in his lane. When the cops tried to keep him standing, the man drove off fast. The police pursued that chase, but James didnt just let himself be taken in.

The chase, where high speeds were reached and James hit several cops cars, performed dangerous maneuvers, and even drove a puncture system that detonated his tires, eventually lasted 40 minutes.

Fluffy hair

When the man got out of the car after the wild ride, he turned out to have a baby barely two month-old in his arms. Its not yet clear whether its his own child. In an attempt to escape, he threw the child in the direction of a rushed cop and walked away. The bizarre news has been brought out this week.

โ€œ Ive seen crazy things, but this really hits everything,โ€ Jacob Curby, the agent who caught the child, responds to CBS12 News.

Fortunately, the baby remained unharmed, and the police were able to bring it to safety. โ€œHes just a cute little baby with fluffy hair. He also had a cute outfit on,โ€ said Curby. โ€œFortunately, we were able to catch him before the suspect stumbled or fell or maybe someone else tried carjacking.โ€


The man could eventually be arrested. He still resisted, kicked and bit the cops trying to cuff him. โ€œIm tired, bro, and Im out of breath,โ€ he said to the officers during the arrest. After that, James was examined in the hospital, also because he smelled of alcohol. Meanwhile, the man with no possibility of release is in prison with bail. Among other things, he is accused of child abuse.