Man (39) gets stuck during cave dives in France and dies

A 39-year-old Belgian died during cave diving in France on Thursday, several French news sites report. The man got stuck while diving and didnt manage to come up in time.

Fate struck around 12.30 p.m. Thursday afternoon in a cave near the Marchepied spring in Marcilhac-Sur-Celรฉ, in the French department of Lot. The man, who was out and about with three other members of a Belgian caving club, did only an initial exploration of the cave. However, about twenty metres from the entrance and about ten meters underwater, he got stuck in a narrow passage. Presumably he got entangled in his distance line.

Because he didnt get above water, his compans went after him. They tried to save him and inform the emergency services. However, a resuscitation attempt did not yield anything. The Belgian would eventually die of cardiac arrest, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Marcilhac-sur-Cรฉlรฉ is a popular destination for cave divers, the French town receives about 5000 divers each year. Unfortunately there are frequent incidents. In May this year, a Polish diver was killed in the cave, and in June last year there was a fatal accident. The order services have opened an investigation into Thursdays incident. โ€œThis is a drama,โ€ Mayor Jean-Paul Mignat responds.