Man accidentally kills girlfriend when they pose together with gun

A 20-year-old man from Gurnee, a place in the U.S. state of Illinois, accidentally shot his girlfriend dead when they posed in front of a mirror with a gun. He was sentenced to a four-year imprisonment on Monday.

Isaiah Cole and A‘Meyah T. Brewton were taking pictures together in September with the gun when it went off suddenly, says The Chicago Tribune. Brewton was hit in her back and died in the house. Authorities coming on the spot reported that Cole was crying โ€œhystericallyโ€ at that time, and shouted that he never wanted to.

According to his lawyer, Cole was under the influence of marijuana. He would have accidentally reloaded the gun.

In Cole’s home, other drugs, scales, plastic bags and money were found in a locked safe. According to The Chicago Tribune, the drugs were for trade.