Man after four days from flooded cave rescued

Divers saved a man from a flooded cave in Thailand after four days. The monk had entered the cave to meditate, but could not get out because of heavy rainfall.


The rain had flooded part of the cave. As a result, the man could no longer get to the exit. In a higher dry place, he kept waiting for help. In the meantime, villagers began to worry and sounded the alarm.

After four days, the help came. Hundreds of rescue workers gathered at the cave and seven divers went inside. They took the monk back. In addition, they had to cover a distance of about 12 meters under water.

Football team

The story is reminiscent of a Thai football team. The group of boys also got stuck in a cave in 2018. They were after 18 (!) days of running. We made this video about that then: