Man arrested for maiming horse in France

In France, a man was arrested in the investigation into the mutilation of a horse. At the end of last month, two ponies were attacked in the Burgundy region. During that attack, the owner of the horses got into a fight with one of the presumed perpetrators. The man sustained a cut. The police distributed a composite photo of the suspect. According to the newspaper Le Parisien it’s a 50-year-old man.

Justice in France states that he came forward in the investigation because he had previously been associated with animal cruelty in Germany. The man was arrested in the department of Haut-Rhin, near the German-Swiss border. The Frenchman is now being questioned to see if he has anything to do with the cruelty to animals.

The incident of August 24th is not an isolated incident. In recent months there have been similar incidents in France. Last night another horse was mutilated. Since February more than thirty horses have been mutilated or killed in the country.


By the way, it is not yet clear if most of the animals have been mutilated by humans. At the beginning of this month the newspaper Le Monde, for example, wrote on the basis of similar incidents in countries such as the United Kingdom and the US that it is also quite possible that the mutilations have a natural cause, such as attacks by predators.

The mutilations lead to intense emotions. Horse lovers report adrift about the incidents on Facebook and internet forums, writes Le Monde. The French authorities warn not to play in front of their own courts. In Brittany, a mother and daughter were arrested after they had held two people in a car armed with machetes and air rifles, writes France24. They thought that the two in the car had mistreated horses