Man arrested posing as publisher and receiving hundreds of manuscripts

A man was arrested at John F. Kennedy airport near New York who is suspected of stealing numerous manuscripts. Filippo B. (29) works at a publishing company in London, but pretended to work for other publishing houses and seduced writers and editors to send manuscripts.

The Italian B. is being charged with fraud and a serious form of identity theft. He used fraudulent domains and exploited unpublished works by hundreds of authors. Then he didn‘t sell it. What he did with it is unclear.

โ€œThis real storyline now reads like a cautionary tale, with B.’s plot twist being criminally prosecuted for his misdeeds,โ€ says the district attorney. According to the indictment, B. committed his actions from at least August 2016 until July last year.

Book week gift

Margaret Atwood and actor Ethan Hawke were approached among others. And Hanna Bervoets for the manuscript of the Book Week Gift, her publisher tells de Volkskrant.

B.‘s employer says he’s shocked at the allegations. โ€œProtecting the intellectual property of our authors is of primary importance to Simon & Schuster UK, and to the entire publishing industry and we are grateful to the FBI for investigating these incidents and suing the alleged perpetrator.โ€