Man arrested who Omtzigt MP chased and threatened

The police arrested a 26 year old man in Heerlen who threatened CDA politician Pieter Omtzigt in The Hague at the end of August. The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirms a report about this from NRC. Omtzigt was assaulted by demonstrators during a demonstration against the corona policy.

The demonstration created a grim atmosphere at the Binnenhof in The Hague. The police were also attacked, plus Minister Wiebes and a reporter from Powned.

The police intervened when demonstrators provoked and attacked police officers. Some demonstrators received blows from the police.


The arrested man chased Omtzigt for minutes and called out all kinds of threats. From the group of demonstrators Omtzigt was shouted, among other things, “I’ll beat you to death“. Images of the confrontation caused indignation. A day later, the chairman of the Lower House, Arib, reported the incident.

Prime Minister Rutte said that a border had been crossed. “Harassing politicians. That’s not Dutch democracy,” he said at his weekly press conference.