Man breaks ankle, dog limps out of sympathy: ‘340 euros spent by veterinarian’

340 euros the Brit spent Russell Jones on the vet when his dog suddenly started to limp. Among other things, X-rays were taken, but the animal turned out to be nothing wrong. He had limping because his owner did, because Jones had broken his ankle.

The man posted footage on Facebook showing how he walks crutches while walking his dog Bill. Bill lifts his left foreleg while walking, causing him to limp. โ€œThere is nothing wrong with him, he does this out of sympathy,โ€ says Jones with the images.

The video has now been shared tens of thousands of times. Jones and his girlfriend were allowed to tell their story in the British breakfast show This Morning. โ€œBill is without doubt my soul mate. He keeps an eye on me all the time. The video I put online is an incredible success. It makes people happy, especially at this time.โ€

Still, not everyone believes that Bills limping is done out of love. An animal behavioural expert says: โ€œI would advise the owner to ask another veterinarian for a second opinion. There are many things that are not visible on an X-ray that can cause this, such as, for example, something small like a thorn in the foot.โ€