Man calls police while being robbed in Tilburg

The victim of a street robbery in Tilburg only yesterday evening, during the robbery, ensured that one of the two perpetrators was arrested.

The man managed to call 112 while being threatened with a knife. Then he kept the phone connection open until the police arrived.

The victim, a 30 year old man from Groningen, came to Tilburg around 19.00 for an appointment on the Haydnstraat. There he was suddenly threatened by two boys, reports Omroep Brabant. They demanded money. One of the boys threatened with a knife. At that moment, the Groninger grabbed his phone, called 112 and passed on his location.

Stabbing movement

While keeping the switchboard operator on the line, the Groninger shouted at his assailants, with the aim of letting them know on the phone that he had been ambushed. At that moment the boy made a stabbing movement in his direction with the knife.

The first police car arrived almost at the same time. The suspects wanted to flee, but the Groninger managed to grab the boy by his hood with the knife. That was enough to slow him down. The police arrested the boy, a 17-year-old Tilburger.

The other perpetrator managed to escape, despite a Burgernet report and a search in which the police also deployed a helicopter.