Man City with one leg in final

Manchester City is one leg in the Champions League semi-finals. Paris Saint-Germain dominated the first half, but completely collapsed in the second half. In the Parc des Princes it became 1-2.
The football supporter was served at his attention in the quarterfinal and treated by PSG and Bayern Munich to two football shows. The bar for the semifinals was therefore very high, but both clubs did not disappoint.
With Mitchel Bakker in the base, PSG was the dominant party in the first half. Man City had no answer to the game of the home club and barely crossed the midline. The 1-0 after a quarter of an hour of play was therefore a logical consequence. A turning corner of รngel Di Marรญa was captured by captain Marquinhos, who benefited from the poor organization in the back of Man City.
The storm of PSG then continued, but Ederson prevented a second encounter. And a little later, when Man City was not in good organizational weather, PSG again missed the 2-0. Only just before rest did Man City hear from him. That happened after PSG in the back suffered ball loss after pressure from the English. However, the fully detached Phil Foden fired at Navas instead of looking for a corner.

Ohh, Navas, what are you doing? ๐Ÿคฏ A front of Kevin de Bruyne plunges into the Costa Rican: 1-1 ๐Ÿ’ฅ #ZiggoSport #UCL #PSGMCI
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) April 28, 2021

Only after rest the dolls seemed to be in the right place at Man City. A tactical feat of manager Pep Guardiola turned the race, leaving PSG with little to contribute. The equalizer of Kevin De Bruyne, however, fell very happy. The Belgian gave the ball, but it ended up behind Navas without being touched. A totally misjudgement of the Costa Rican goalkeeper, who had to fish again at the free kick of Riyadh Mahrez.
PSG was lost and, to an excess of disaster, Idrissa Gueye received a direct red card because of a ridiculous violation of Ilkay Gรผndรถgan. The French saw the match completely collapse in a time frame of thirteen minutes and see their Champions League dream disappear again like snow before the sun. The return will be in Manchester next week.