Man died after balloon fall in Israel

A man fell out of a hot air balloon Tuesday in northern Israel and landed on a moving car. The man didn‘t survive the fall.

Israeli media reports that. It was supposed to be 28-year-old Yogev Cohen who was part of the ground staff. The man would have stuck on the balloon basket when it took off.

Cohen lived in the kibbutz Yizre’el and worked for the balloon company for six months. One of the owners of the company ‘Touch The Sky’ spoke to the Israeli news site Walla. It was a great guy,โ€ says,โ€ Almog Amir. โ€œWe have no idea how this could have happened.โ€

According to him, his employees saw how Cohen suddenly hung on the side of the basket. When the balloon was six or seven metres high, they screamed at him to jump. But he kept holding on.

The balloon‘s passengers tried to pull the man into the basket out of all might, but in vain. The man fell from a height of about 100 meters and ended up on a car that was driving on the highway near the city of Afula.

The man is said to have died of his injuries on the spot. The motorist and car occupants remained unharmed. The balloon was able to make a safe landing nearby a little later. The Israelpolice and the aviation authority are investigating the cause of the incident. โ€œIt’s not yet clear how anyone of the ground staff could stick to the balloon,โ€ said a local media agent. โ€œPeople are in shock. This is a very difficult thing.โ€