Man from German border left dying girlfriend (30) in the back seat of car: ‘He knew she was going to die. ‘

A resident of the German border village of Baesweiler is suspected that he left his dying girlfriend (30) in his car and went to sleep at home. The man is in court this week in Aachen.

The defendant Hayri D. (59) is no stranger to justice. The Baesweilenaar is a drug addict and has been convicted several times for possession. He was also caught for smaller things like driving without a license and theft.


On November 5, 2019, according to the Public Prosecutor‘s Office (OM), he went into a huge mistake. D. stayed with his girlfriend at acquaintances in Aachen. In the apartment, six people used drugs. Among other things, cocaine, heroin and prescribed medication.

D.’s girlfriend got unwell. She dragged herself into the hallway towards the front door, where she collapsed. According to the district attorney, Hayri D. knew what was going on. The suspect has been addicted for a long time and tried to get rehab several times. Among other things, in a clinic. Therefore, an overdose could not pass him unnoticed, the D.A. thinks.

However, D. did not offer any help. He carried his girlfriend to the car with one of the other attendees and put her in the back seat. Then he drove to his parents‘ house in Baesweiler, where D. lives, and left the woman in the car. โ€œHe knew she was going to die,โ€ said the prosecutor.

15 years in prison

In the night, the defendant called his girlfriend’s number several times. It wasn‘t until 6:30 in the morning that D. went to watch. His girlfriend turned out to be dead.

Initially, Hayri D. was not considered a suspect. It wasn’t until after an autopsy and witness questioning that the man could be responsible for the death. He was arrested on November 26, 2020. D. has been charged with death by guilt and gross negligence.

Justice expects his trial to take four days. The content treatment begins on Monday. At the maximum, the defendant is 15 years in prison.