Man in England robs McDonalds and demands chicken nuggets

A man in England was arrested for robbing a McDonald restaurant. The fact that his loot was about ยฃ430 wasnt enough for the robber. He demanded a portion of chicken nuggets.

Unfortunately for the hungry robber, that plan didnt go through. The robbery took place in the morning, so the staff could only serve him dishes from the breakfast menu. The robber, named Rudi Batten, did not have enough patience to wait for the nuggets and decided to leave with a McMuffin Sausage, reports FoxNews.

Because he was recognized on security cameras, Batten decided not to report himself to the police much later. The weapon he used to threaten the staff turned out to be an unloaded air gun.

Batten gets six years in jail for the robbery and says hes ashamed of his act. He claims he committed the robbery because he was in debt.