‘Man in ninja suit’ attacks US soldier with samurai sword

A man in ninja-attire attacked an American soldier with a sword at an abandoned California airport in the middle of the night. Among other things, the victim was stabbed in his leg after the 35-year-old suspect suddenly turned up in front of his nose.

The soldier from a special United States Army unit was smoking a cigarette overnight at Inyokern Airport, north of Los Angeles. Suddenly a man appeared in a striking robe in front of his nose; according to police, a ninja suit. โ€œDo you know who I am? Where‘s my family? ‘ got to understand the victim. He was then attacked and stabbed in his leg with a katana sword, known from the samurai.

The sergeant fled and jumped over a fence. Other troops were alarmed. Meanwhile, the ‘ninja’ also threw a stone through a window, causing another military man to be hit on his head. Army personnel were at the airport because of an exercise.

The suspect appears to be a 35-year-old man, Gino Rivera. After the tumult, a manhunt was held on him. Rivera was spotted on a road and took the legs. A pursuer using a taser eventually caused the fighter boss to drop his sword to the ground. The man was charged after that. He has received several charges on his pants. According to American media, the two soldiers who were injured are making up for it. The incident took place on September 18th.