Man in USA shoots six people dead at birthday party

In Colorado Springs, United States, a man shot six people at a birthday party last Sunday, after which he ended his own life. Thats what the American police report.

The party took place at a trailer park. Several families had gathered in a trailer to celebrate their birthday. โ€œThe defendant is the boyfriend of one of the female victims. He drove to the park, walked in and opened fire,โ€ says the Colorado Springs police. His motive is unknown.

โ€œ This terrible act has resulted in the death of six adults. The children present have remained unharmed and are currently staying with acquaintancesโ€, reports the police. Upon arrival, the police found six dead and one man, the shooter, who was in critical condition. โ€œHe was taken to the hospital and died of his injuries.โ€

The Mayor of Colorado Springs, John Suthers, says in a statement: โ€œToday we mourn the deceased and think of their next of kin.โ€