Man is bothered with positive corona test and gets in disguise when his wife is still on the plane.

An Indonesian man was so upset that he tested positive for corona, that he disguised himself as his wife and managed to get on the plane. However, the costume trick didn‘t work quite: a stewardess caught the man in flight and immediately warned the local authorities.

Just before leaving the airport in Jakarta to Ternate Island, the man tested positive. His wife, who had a negative test, was allowed to join the flight. What a damper, the couple must have thought. They came up with a trick.


The man attracted his wife’s nikab, making him completely covered. He also used her passport and PCR test. Miraculously, he managed to board the plane. But the man was caught in flight by a flight attendant.

Once the man sat comfortably in his airplane seat, he went to the toilet to put on his own clothes again. Nikab off, t-shirt on. But the flight attendant also had the switch trick and immediately informed the local authorities on Ternate.

After landing, the man had to do another test immediately. And yes, he was positive. The man was evacuated urgently.

In court The

costume party is expensive to the man: he is charged with identity fraud and endangering public health.

The airline Citilink informs CNN Indonesia that they will be more stringent in monitoring following this incident.