Man lets tiger take a stroll in front yard, locals fierce

Residents of a suburb in the American city of Houston got the fright of their lives on Sunday night. They‘re spotting a tiger in their street.

It looks like the owner of the tiger let the animal take a stroll through the front yard.

When another neighbor mocked the tiger, he decided to walk with a gun to the owner of the big cat. “Get the hell inside with your tiger,” cried the man. The owner of the tiger calmed the armed man and told him that he would take his tiger back inside.

Another video on social media shows the perspective of a woman hiding from the predator and the tense confrontation between owner and neighbor. “There’s a Bengal tiger in the front yard. This guy has to be careful,” she says.

The police have been notified of the incident. It is not yet known whether an indictment has been filed, reports New York Post.