Man lives at Chicago airport for months for fear of corona

The American authorities have made a strange discovery at the airport of the city of Chicago. A 36-year-old man lived at O‘Hare airport for months without being noticed by the staff. He was too anxious to fly home because of the coronavirus.

Saturday, the man at the airport was arrested. A day later, local media reported the arrest. According to police, the stowaway had flown from his hometown of Los Angeles to Chicago on October 19. There he was hiding in the secure part of the airport until last weekend.

The man was discovered when two airline employees asked him for identification. He showed a staff badge he had around his neck. The badge was reported missing by an employee on October 26. Then the police were called in and the man was arrested.

Nothing evil in the sense

The man has stated that he found the badge and didn’t steal it. He was hiding because he was โ€œtoo afraidโ€ of the virus to fly back home. Travelers at the airport would have fed him occasionally. What he came to do in Chicago, by the way, is unclear.

The man had no criminal record, but is now suspected of unauthorized entry into restricted territory. At the end of January, he must appear before the court. The body that oversees Chicago airports is still investigating the incident. It has already been established that the man had nothing bad in the sense and did not pose a threat to the safety of the airport.