Man of 22 from Amsterdam stuck for plotmurder attack on Rutte

The police arrested a 22-year-old man from Amsterdam this summer who may have wanted to commit an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Rutte. The Public Prosecutors Office confirms that after reports from the Volkskrant.

The man, Yavuz O., is said to have posted inflammatory messages in Telegram public groups. According to the indictment, he wrote in December 2020 that โ€œmost Dutch people hate that Rutte anywayโ€. โ€œWould you have what it takes to shoot them all? Go from a car. Window open. Gun outside. And bang.โ€

He would also have written that he was seeking โ€œrevolutionariesโ€, not protesters. โ€œShooters/hitters/arming/violence. Everything allowed.โ€ O. would have discussed his plans with others, sometimes in physical encounters. He would have talked about โ€œstorming parliamentโ€, โ€œbleeding that tering gangโ€ and โ€œpopping off Rutte when he goes cycling outsideโ€. He would also have been looking for a gun.

The Batavian Republic

He would have posted those messages between December 9, 2020 and July 15, 2021. A day later, he was arrested by the police. The reports were in the public Telegram channel โ€œThe Batavian Republicโ€, which was popped up by justice earlier this week due to incendiary and threatening reports.

Next week, the court in The Hague is scheduled for a pro-forma hearing with O. His case will not be dealt with in terms of content. Three things are charged to him: sedition into a terrorist offence, seeking intelligence in preparation for such a crime, and a terrorist crime threat.

At the end of last month it was announced that Rutte had received heavy security because an attack or kidnapping might have been planned. There is no direct connection to this case, says an OM spokesperson.