Man paid prostitutes with his own printed money: โ€œEven a blind man could see it was fake.โ€

A 50-year-old man in Switzerland was convicted after spending over 11,000 euros on prostitutes. He paid his visits with fake money he printed himself. The judge in Basel was not able to talk about the mans printing skills. It looked so bad โ€œa blind man could still see that the money was not realโ€, was his judgment on the notes.

The mans money trick came to light when one of the prostitutes wanted to deposit her earned money into her bank account the day after she took the counterfeit bills. When the cash machine refused the deposit, the woman (39) reported herself with the foreign banknotes to the police. That writes the Swiss news site The Local.

Duped: It was dark

The man used the self-manufactured bills twice. In June and October 2019, he paid two different women for sex. The 39-year-old woman had accepted the strange counterfeit banknotes that evening because, according to her, they looked real.

โ€œ It was dark in the apartment, because the curtains were closed. The bills looked real. Only later when the machine did not accept them, I only saw that they were fake,โ€ said the woman in court.

The husbands lawyers argued that she had accepted the money voluntarily, although it was obvious that the banknotes were fraudulent. A search of the police showed that the man had more money in stock. He made his cash on his own color inkjet printer.

Wrong to print

The capital was not provided with security features and in some cases the notes were even printed incorrectly. The police were therefore astonished that the man could think that the money could get away with it unnoticed.

The man has been convicted of fraud, counterfeiting and the circulation of counterfeit money. He was given a three-year probation sentence.