Man pees over counter after discussion face mask

A man peed over the counter of the American fast food chain Dairy King after employees asked him to put on a face mask. A customer who was also in Dairy King at the time filmed and posted the incident on Facebook. The video goes viral.

The man wasnt wearing a face mask when he walked into the branch office around 9 p.m. Saturday. The employee spoke to him, after which the man got angry and a heated discussion arose. After that, the man zipped his pants open and peed over the counter according to CTV News. In the background, you can hear employees screaming.

A customer who stood behind him filmed the incident. ,, A man just put his genitals on the counter and urinated over the floor, after he was asked to put on a face mask,โ€ writes the man indignant. , Stay classy, anti-masks.โ€

The man hasnt been arrested, but the police call bystanders to share footage. โ€œIts the first time that something like that happens,โ€ an agent said.