Man penetrates House Member of Parliament Van Haga: ‘Great intimidating’

A man entered the home of Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga yesterday afternoon, when the politician was in The Hague at the nitrogen debate. Van Haga, who calls the incident โ€œterribly intimidatingโ€, has filed a report.

The police were unable to confirm that tonight. Against the AD, a spokesperson for the House of Representatives confirms that the security department of the parliament supports Van Haga in his declaration.

Machine gun and chessboard

โ€œIt is very intimidating and threatening that someone forcibly accesses your home,โ€ Van Haga told DecceIt. At the time of the incident, his wife and daughter were home. There were also three installers in the house to install an alarm system.

โ€œWe were lucky that those installers were there,โ€ says the politician. โ€œThey kicked that man out and called the police.โ€ According to Van Haga, who founded the BVNL party last year, the intruder shouted his name. โ€œWheres Van Haga? he cried. He was confused, was also talking about a machine gun and a chess board.โ€

According to Van Haga, the Endangered Politicians Team of the Police The Hague is aware of the incident.


When the man entered the politicians residence, Van Haga sat in the plenary hall of the House of Representatives. Shortly thereafter, he drew attention to the incident, pointing out MPs to the danger of sharp language.

โ€œAll group chairmen are now receiving alarm systems and their homes are being secured. Of course, it is not the case that it can be directly linked and I know that we are measuring each other over and over again, but we have to stop doing this, because this is really going way too far,โ€ said Van Haga in the Chamber.

In this regard, he mentioned, among other things, a comment by GroenLinks leader Klaver, who had shortly before called statements by BBB leader Van der Plas โ€œpoisonโ€. โ€œOver and over again, of course, there are all kinds of things that are said, but I want to emphasize once again that this is very dangerous.โ€

Good Call

Klaver immediately responded by saying that he hates what happened to Van Hagas family. โ€œUnfortunately, we are all facing threats. I try to talk about that as little as possible, but I know the impact of this kind of thing that happens at your house. I can only say: a lot of strength.โ€

Other MPs, including D66 party chairman Paternotte and CU leader Segers, also condemn the incident on Twitter. Segers speaks of a good call from Van Haga โ€œto stop those ugly, personal attacksโ€.