Man runs 2,600 kilometers barefoot

Dutchman Anton Nootenboom has made a long tour of Australia barefoot. It ran 2600 kilometres from Sydney city to Cairns city. He did that to raise money for charity.

The man is from the Netherlands but has been living in Australia for a few years. The trip was certainly not easy, according to him.

When Anton was still living in the Netherlands, he worked with the army. There he has been through a lot of heavy things, which made him feel unwell for a while. For example, he had depressed feelings. He noticed that many other former military men had as well.

With his walking tour and talking about his feelings, he wants to draw more attention to former military personnel. He hopes his journey will dare to talk about their problems and feel less alone.

Anton has raised a total of more than 55,000 euros with his trip.