Man runs’ penile ’rounds to draw attention to charity

Adam Linsell, a man from Welwyn Garden City, was looking for a way to get back on his line after Christmas. He went for a run. But, no random routes. Linsell runs โ€œpenise-shaped โ€œrounds, to draw attention to testicular cancer.

In his daily life, Linsell installs and repairs air conditioners, and in his spare time he likes to put on his sneakers for a run. In conversation with Welwyn Hatfield Times, he says: โ€œI had seen ‘Dick Run Claire’ (a similar American action, red.) come by and thought that I could try something like that. I shared my plan on Facebook and everyone responded enthusiastically.โ€

Some rounds are four kilometers, others about seven. On average, he sprints about six kilometers through the neighborhood.

When it‘s cold, the rounds don’t shrink, so the English newspaper jokes. The route is conceived in advance. When it comes out that way, the Englishman runs a number of details.

After a round, Linsell shares his route on social media, with the link to the fundraising campaigns. His target amount has now been well achieved.