Man shoots 10 people dead in US supermarket, ‘racist motive’

In the American city of Buffalo, New York, a man shot several people in a supermarket. According to local police, at least ten people were killed, and three people were injured. The shooter has been arrested.

โ€œI just heard shots. Shots and shots and shots,โ€ says a supermarket employee to The Buffalo News. โ€œIt sounded like things were falling over.โ€ He was hiding in a cold store with a few other people.

There are many police in front of the supermarket:

The supermarket is located in a neighborhood where predominantly black Americans live. Witnesses say the shooter was a white male around 20 years old. He was wearing a black helmet and wearing camouflage clothing.

Police are investigating reports that the shooter distributed a statement beforehand. A police spokesperson also says he broadcasted his attack partly via a livestream on the Internet, with a camera on his helmet. That footage shows him parking his car at the supermarket and starts shooting at people after getting out.

During a press conference, Mayor Byron Brown said the shooter was presumably not from Buffalo, and had โ€œtraveled for hoursโ€ to get to the supermarket. A spokesman for FBI security says the gunmans attack is being treated as โ€œracially motivated violent extremismโ€ and โ€œhate crime.โ€