Man shoots several people dead in Norway with arrow and bow

A man in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg killed at least four people on Wednesday night and injured an unknown number of others when he started shooting at attendees in a supermarket with bow and arrow and then left a trail of destruction.

That‘s what the police confirm. The death toll could still be up. The suspect has since been charged.

What his motive is unknown. Police are speaking of โ€œa serious incidentโ€ for the time being and do not rule out terrorism.

โ€œBased on what we know now, he acted alone,โ€ says Police Chief Oeyvind Aas. โ€œSeveral people are dead, several are injured.โ€ He doesn’t want to say what numbers it‘s about. The wounded were taken to a hospital.


After reporting the incident, the police pulled out and asked people to stay away from the area. It was a โ€œlife-threatening situationโ€ that had no control over. Exactly how long it took the suspect to have been charged is unknown.

Police say the shooter started his attack in the grocery store and then moved on. He is said to have moved across a large area, and traces are now being investigated there.

Kongsberg is located west of Oslo capital and has 25,000 inhabitants.

Emergency services went big with ten ambulances and helicopters, among others. Among other things, police have visited a home in the city centre, Norwegian media reports.

Meanwhile, the town has plunged into mourning. โ€œIt’s totally crazy,โ€ concludes a local resident in Norwegian media.