Man stabs six people in New Zealand, Prime Minister Speaks of Terrorism

In New Zealand, a man in an Auckland supermarket stabbed at least six people. He was monitored and monitored by police 24 hours a day. That‘s why there were cops on the scene to take him out.

The man was shot. He was a Sri Lankan nationality but had lived in New Zealand for ten years. The police have considered him a man who deserved โ€œspecial attentionโ€ for five years.

Prime Minister Ardern spoke of an attack in a press conference and said the man was driven by extremism. When asked by a journalist, she confirmed that the man was an IS supporter, but there were insufficient grounds legally to imprison him.

The man acted alone, he was a lone wolf, Ardern said:

The man traveled from the Glen Eden neighborhood to New Lynn, another district of Auckland, where he went to a grocery store. He grabbed a knife from a rack and started sticking around him. The officers who followed him couldn’t prevent him from making six victims. Of three of them, the situation is critical.

The officers switched him out within 60 seconds of the first knife sting, Ardern said. Before that, a supermarket security guard told visitors to leave.

โ€œIt was repulsive, it was wrong,โ€ Ardern said. โ€œIt was the work of an individual, not a faith. Only he bears the responsibility.โ€