Man stabs train passengers in Tokyo and fires

A man stabbed multiple passengers in a Tokyo commuter train, Japanese police report. Then he set fire to a train set. According to Japanese station NHK, 17 injured people have been injured. One of them is badly injured.

The police arrested the attacker on the train. According to Japanese media, the man used hydrochloric acid to start the fire.

Footage shows travelers fleeing a burning train:

The arrestant is suspected of attempted murder. Japanese media says it‘s about a twenty-something. He carried a knife with him at the time of arrest. According to witnesses, the man was dressed as the Joker, the villain from the Batman comics and movies. Nothing is known about a motive.

The incident happened around 8pm local time. At the time, many Japanese were on their way to the center of town for Halloween parties. The rail link is one of Tokyo’s most important rail lines. The train made an emergency stop at a station where it normally does not stop so the passengers could be evacuated.

These images show that travelers flee from the train via the window:

In August, ten people were injured in a knife attack on a Japanese train. The perpetrator could be detained immediately.