Man steals monkey from New Zealand zoo for birthday girlfriend

In New Zealand, a man tried to steal a monkey from a zoo. According to him, the animal should have served as a birthday present for his girlfriend.

In April 2018, John Owen Casford made the front pages of the New Zealand newspapers with his attempt to intrude at the Wellington Zoo. Where the residence turned out to be a trick for him, romantic Casford then took a jump over an electric fence so he could escape from the residence with the gift for his girlfriend. However, this did not go according to plan at all. During the jump, Casford dropped the monkey, after which he himself tumbled down eight meters, broke his leg and lost his teeth on the hard concrete ground of the residence, writes Daily Mail.


The monkey remained traumatized, and Casford managed to get away in time before police arrived. For a long time, his attempt to intrude alone did not go unpunished. The police found him stumbling a day later during a shopping trip with the girlfriend he had tried so hard for.

Apparently, this wasn‘t the only crime the monkey thief had committed. He was sentenced to two years and seven months on probation for the zoos burglary, but also for a number of violent crimes from the past.

The relationship didn’t survive the burglary and the prison sentence. However, Casford tried to win back his ex-girlfriend with a serenade at the New Zealand TV show New Zealand Today. Here he also did his story about the monkey robbery.