Man suspected of murdering homosexuals reports to Spanish police

A man who may be involved in the murder of four gay men in the Basque city of Bilbao has reported to police. Its about a 25-year-old Colombian.

He had been wanted by the Spanish authorities for some time. On Wednesday, police distributed a photo of the man, after which he decided to turn himself in. The man denies all involvement. He has a history of credit card and visa fraud.

The suspect allegedly picked out his victims on dating app Grindr, which is popular among gay men. The victims were drugged at their home during dates and then killed. He then plundered their account, the suspicion reads.


Police tracked down the serial killer after a potential victim managed to escape in December. On the couch at home with the victim, the suspect tried to strangle him. Eventually, the victim was able to alert the neighbors and the suspect ran away. Ghb was found in his backpack.

The murders took place in September and October. At first, the police did not suspect a crime in the deaths of the victims, until the bell was raised by family members that the bank accounts had been looted. In an autopsy, ghb was then found in the blood of the victims. It is still being investigated whether the suspect can also be linked to the deaths of four other men.