Man United demolished Roma

Manchester United had a lot of trouble with AS Roma in the first half and looked at 1-2 behind, but after rest The Mancunians managed to turn the backlog into a 6-2 victory. Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani were the absolute excellence.
It was a show on Old Trafford Thursday night from the first minute. United seemed to be facing a fairly simple evening when Fernandes took care of the 1-0 after nine minutes of play. He did this after a delicious attack over several discs: the Portuguese Roma-keeper Pau López with a watched whack.

DELICIOUS! Bruno Fernandes rounds off a beautiful attack by Manchester United very handsome. It stands 1-0 for the English. #UEL #rtl7
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) April 29, 2021

However, Roma did not accept the rapid backlog and were deadly effective in dealing with the opportunities. The ball went to the dot after a handsball by Paul Pogba, who touched a stroke of Rick Karsdorp with his arm. Lorenzo Pellegrini did not fail from 11 meters and took care of the 1-1, after just over half an hour playing, Edin Dzeko United-keeper David de Gea managed to beat once more: 1-2.

An easy night for United? No! After half an hour, Edin Dzeko takes care of the 1-2 of AS Roma and completes the comeback. That is also the rest. #rtl7 #UEL
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) April 29, 2021

After rest, however, United managed to put things in order, and how. Roma was played completely off the mat and Cavani took care of the 2-2 after three minutes of playing in the second act.

CAVANI! 😍 A thunder sermon in the rest of the coach? Edinson Cavani shoots great for Manchester United and makes it 2-2! #rtl7 #UEL
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) April 29, 2021

It was the sign for United to hunt for more goals. And those goals came, too. Cavani made his second of the evening by shooting a rebound behind Antonio Mirante. Seven minutes later, Fernandes took care of the 4-2 from the penaltytip, after Chris Smalling made an unfortunate offense on Cavani. Pogba then took care of the 5-2 by heading a delightful front of Fernandes behind Mirante, while Mason Greenwood took care of the final neck with the sixth United goal. Donny van de Beek was on the couch the whole game.
Due to the large victory, United can already smell the final of the Europa League. The possible opponent will become Villarreal or Arsenal. The first match between these two teams (in Spain) ended in a 2-1 victory for Villarreal.