Man who crashed police car in Amsterdam suspected of attempted manslaughter

The 30-year-old man who was reported to have broken into a police car in Amsterdam three times last week is suspected of twice attempted manslaughter. The suspect from Zaanstad will be detained for another fourteen days.

The examining magistrate prolonged his detention today. The man has been in hospital since his arrest, it is unclear how he is doing.

According to the police, the suspect drove into a van in Muntplein on Friday from nowhere three times into a surveillance car. The two officers in the van were slightly injured.

Videos from eyewitnesses also show that the police fired shots at the van:

The driver drove off via Vijzelstraat. There the police had blocked the road with two motorbikes, which were overturned by the van. On the second police engine the van got stuck and it caught fire. The suspect tried to flee and was arrested after a short chase using pepper spray.

The man‘s motive is still unclear. The driver was driving around in a van with the name of a local glazier’s company on it, but that company says that the vehicle had been sold eight weeks earlier.

Minister Grapperhaus of Justice called the incident awful. The criminal investigation is calling on eyewitnesses to come forward and to share any videos they may have made with the police.