Man who found body Conings now suspicious of stealing weapon.

The fighter who found the body of Jürgen Conings in Belgium is now suspected of stealing an automatic weapon that the fugitive military was carrying. Belgian media reports that the man is also suspected of banned possession of weapons and sharing images of Conings‘s body with German media.

The Belgian authorities made a large hunt for the far-right professional Conings earlier this year. He had taken heavy weapons from an army depot on 17 May and then disappeared without a trace. In farewell letters, he threatened virologist Marc van Ranst.

After a week-long search, a hunter and the mayor of Maaseik found the military’s body in a forest separately. Conings had killed himself in Dilserbos in Belgium.

Mayor Johan Tollenaere van Maaseik mentioned the find earlier:

Police found multiple weapons at the body, but not the P90 machine gun that Conings would have also had. By chance, officers later found that weapon between the roots of a tree, meters away from the site of body. Insiders say to the Belang van Limburg that the weapon was “clearly hidden recently” there.


Investigators argue that Conings couldn‘t have put the gun down there himself. From data from his pedometer, they infer that Conings only took 800 steps after his disappearance and passed away shortly thereafter.

Therefore, it is suspected that the fighter was hiding the weapon after discovering the body of Conings and only then warned the authorities. He would have planned to bring the automatic weapon with him later.

He himself calls the allegations against him “outrageous”. In weekly Humo, he complains that authorities are treating him as a top criminal. “I often think I’d never have found him.”