Manchester Evening News is observant and mocks Stam at Old Trafford

Jaap Stam was spotted at a Manchester United match. The Manchester Evening News saw the former defender, who is named as a possible assistant to head coach Erik ten Hag, at Old Trafford before the match against Brentford.
It is already official that Ten Hag will become head coach at Manchester United, but it‘s not yet clear which assistants he will be getting around him. All Dutch people with a history at Old Trafford and a trainer’s diploma are linked to the job and so the name of Stam is also mentioned.
All the more remarkable is that he was spotted by The Manchester Evening News for the home game against Brentford. He would be in England to promote the demonstration game, which will be played by players and old acquaintances from United after this season. However, the English press links his visit to any discussions about the assistantship.
United must win from Brentford to keep another small shot at Champions League football. At the moment it is halftime in the Theatre of Dreams and the future Ten Hag team leads 1-0 through a goal by Bruno Fernandes.