Manhunt after knife attacks Birmingham

Police in Birmingham are looking with all their might for the suspected perpetrator of last night’s stabbing attacks. Details of the man have not been disclosed, but he is the only suspect in the murder investigation.

A total of eight people were stabbed in three parts of the centre of the British city. A man died, a woman and a man were seriously injured. Five other wounded are out of danger. The victims appear to have been randomly selected. The West Midlands Police have deployed additional officers to track down the suspect.

According to an eyewitness, the man with the stabbing weapon acted very calmly. “He stabbed a woman between five and seven times and then walked on as if nothing had happened,” says Savvas Sfrantzis to the BBC. According to him, bystanders initially thought that the perpetrator wanted to steal the woman’s necklace.

The police are calling on eyewitnesses to help with the investigation:

The first attack was reported to Constitution Hill, just north of the centre, at around midnight. The next attack was over half a mile to the southeast and about 10 minutes later.

The other stabbing attacks happened another kilometre to the south and were reported to the emergency services between 01.45 and 02.15 hours. At least fourteen ambulances were deployed.

“Stop him. He just stabbed someone.” David Nash heard someone calling just after two in the morning. He was working in a bar on Hurst Street, near the so-called Gay Village. “The bars were closing and suddenly the area was flooded with police cars, cops and ambulances,” quotes the BBC Nash.

The police do not assume there is a racist motive or an action against lhbti’ers. It is still unknown what the perpetrator’s motive was. The police call witnesses to come forward and share videos or photographs of the attacks with the authorities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces via Twitter that he sympathises with the victims and their families. “My thanks go to the emergency services who are working hard on the ground.”