Many bookings from Russia to other countries after announcing mobilization

The partial mobilization in Russia announced by President Putin this morning is causing unrest, says Russia expert Laura Starink. According to her, Russians will try to escape mobilization, including by leaving the country. โ€œMany Russians are concerned about banning visas,โ€ she says. โ€œBecause if you can‘t leave the country, you can’t escape mobilization.โ€

Tens of thousands of Russians have already left in recent months, says Starink. โ€œThese are mostly critics. They often go to Georgia and Turkey.โ€ A few weeks ago, the European Commission decided that it would be harder and more expensive for Russian tourists to enter the European Union. Some countries certainly don‘t allow Russians in at all.

The Russian website Holod has listed where Russians can go if they want to leave the country. Direct flights to Istanbul (Turkey) and Yerevan (Armenia), both destinations accessible to Russians without a visa, sold out on Wednesday, according to Reuters news agency.

9200 euro a single ticket

Turkish airlines are trying to deploy additional aircraft this week to meet the sharply increased demand. The Russians can forget about scoring a cheap ticket: the price of a one-way ticket to Istanbul or Dubai has risen to 9200 euros on the Air Serbia site, reports the US news agency AP.

Also, the searches would be โ€œHow do I leave Russia?โ€ and โ€œHow do I break an arm?โ€ trending on Google. And according to a Russian lawyer, the telephone line for information about military personnel’s rights was called more than 1,000 times this morning.

Miles of driving

are rumors on social media that there is a mile-long queue of Russians who want to escape mobilization near the border of Finland, but those reports have not yet been confirmed.

By the way, it is impossible for many Russians to leave the country at all. A trip abroad requires a special travel document, which at least 75 percent of the population does not have.