Many children near the US and Mexico border

It‘s busy at the border between Mexico and the United States. Migrants from Central America are trying to cross the border to build a new life in the US. At the border there are also many children without their parents.

There are so many children in the shelters that the border police can no longer take care of everyone. That is why the US Government has now announced that it will send additional emergency services. They must take care of the children and arrange for them to be taken to a finer place faster.

For years, migrants have been trying to cross the border. During Trump’s presidency, many people were arrested and sent back. He even had a wall built to stop the migrants.

Joe Biden

But now that Joe Biden is president, a lot of rules are being reversed. Ever since he announced that, the border has become increasingly crowded. Because a lot of migrants are hoping that it will be easier for them to enter the United States. And stay there too.