Many primary schools close because of code red


many places in the Netherlands, primary schools and the shelter remain closed on Monday due to the predicted smoothness on the road. The KNMI gave a weather alarm on Sunday, Monday code red is in effect.

Local media report that many schools are closing their doors because the school buildings may be poorly accessible. Some schools may open later Monday. Some children have a day off, others attend online classes.

According to Omroep West, the PO Board advises parents to keep an eye on the parent apps for information about closed schools. Last Monday, many schools also closed their doors, because of the snowfall.

On social media, many people also know that their children‘s school will be closed on Monday. โ€œAnd then we were back home tomorrow. What a crazy time,โ€ someone said Sunday night on Twitter. Someone else says, โ€œLet’s take the kids to school after morning.โ€ Some people have misunderstanding about the fact that schools do not open.

Earlier Sunday it was already announced that GGD sites for corona-virussts or vaccinations remain closed on Monday morning.