Many schools stay closed due to winter weather

Today the schools are finally allowed to open again and yet a lot of them remain closed. Especially in the big cities, in the east of the Netherlands and in North Holland schools remain closed due to the freezing and winter weather. In Amsterdam, more than a hundred remain closed.

Code orange

Until noon is today weather code orange. The advice is not to go out on the road by car, because in many places it is too slippery. There are also many fewer trains and buses.

Some schools are afraid that it is too dangerous to go to school or they are unable to come to school. For example, because they dont live nearby.

Good idea?

Do you think its okay or not that some schools keep the doors closed for a while? Respond to the statement:

There are thousands of primary schools in the Netherlands. Most schools will open today. Theyve been closed for seven weeks.

Rare day

Sunday it has snowed quite a lot in almost the Netherlands and because of the cold it remains for the time being. There is almost never such a thing in the Netherlands. The following videos we made yesterday about this unique day: