Marathon of Amsterdam cancelled due to increasing number of corona infections

The 45th edition of the Amsterdam Marathon, which was to take place on 18 October, will not take place. The municipality of Amsterdam and organiser Le Champion have cancelled the running event because of the corona crisis.

The increasing number of infections in Amsterdam made it impossible for organiser Le Champion to guarantee the health of those involved. “We were optimistic until a month ago, but the development of the corona crisis in recent weeks, not only in the Netherlands but also internationally, unfortunately makes it impossible to continue”, explains the organization.

International character

The international character of the Amsterdam marathon also played a role in the decision. Last year 47,000 participants from some 140 countries took part in the marathon, the half marathon and an 8 kilometre race. Approximately 17,000 people ran the classic distance of 42 kilometres and 195 metres.

The starting cards of the registered runners will be carried forward to next year’s edition: which is scheduled for Sunday 17 October 2021.