Marauders goes into Early Access on October 3

Small Impact Games studio and publisher Team17 have announced the imminent premiere of Marauders, a cooperative loter shooter. The game is released on Steam Early Access on October 3. You can buy it both on Steam and on the official website.

Until then, the developers will conduct Maroderton. The pre-launch marathon has already begun and will continue until the games premiere.

At this time, interested people can watch the games broadcasts and participate in technical tests. Anyone who pre-ordered the game will have access to them.

On Monday, October 3, all test participants progress will be reset to zero. But so far, everyone is encouraged to share their screenshots, gameplay recordings and stream.

Marauders, a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter, takes place in an alternate universe where World War I never ended. Moreover, by 1990, the level of industrialization had forced many to leave Earth.

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