March ‘actually very happy’ with a stay out Ajax transfer: ‘They are sleeping’

Nicolรกs Tagliafico was in the shop window at Ajax this summer, but a transfer was left to the surprise of Marc Overmars. He thinks foreign clubs are sleeping.
Tagliafico was reportedly available for twelve million euros, but at least plays at Ajax until winter. โ€œWhy it didnt work out? That also has to do with what the world looks like right now,โ€ Overmars refers to the impact of the corona crisis on the transfer market. โ€œOtherwise, Nico would have found a decent club for a long time.โ€
โ€œI don
t mind him staying,โ€ emphasizes the Ajax director. โ€œIm really happy about it. But weve made arrangements and we want to keep them up. We had cooperated with a certain transfer fee.โ€ However, concrete interest was largely out of place โ€œVery little,โ€ Overmars confirms.
โ€œSometimes its a process, isnt it. Then you play in the Argentine team, then not… Nico is on the list at a lot of clubs, but not in the first place. Thats really crazy. While everyone wants to have a player like Nico in their team. I think they (other clubs, ed.) are sleeping. But Im glad hes still here.โ€