March Flight Helicopter Ingenuity Becomes Bigger Challenge

In the coming time, it will be harder for the mini-helicopter Ingenuity to take a flight on Mars. Seasonally, the atmosphere in the Jezero crater on the red planet is becoming more thin. Thats why the Ingenuity rotor blades need to spin faster to allow the robotic helicopter to take off.

According to NASA scientist Hรฅvard Grip, the pilot who controls the Ingenuity from Washington, is being tested in the short term at a rotor speed of 2800 rpm, 10 percent faster than during the previous flights. That comes with risks, says Grip. This can cause vibrations that could damage the sensors.

With the 1.8 kilograms of Ingenuity, the Jezero crater tests whether helicopters can be used on Mars for exploration flights. The little helicopter has traveled with the Mars Scout Perseverance. He landed on Mars in February and investigates whether there has ever been (microbial) life.