Marci from the anime “DOTA: Dragons Blood” will appear in Dota 2

Valve introduced a new Dota 2 hero during The International 10 Championship. And thats Marcy, a character in the anime DOTA: Dragons Blood, which came out on Netflix. This is Miranas maid and bodyguard, a mite girl with extraordinary fighting skills.

Anime fans have long suggested adding Marcy to the list of playable Dota 2 characters. Reddit has even invented abilities for her: for example, the ultimate opportunity to hug her associates to boost their morale.

But it is not yet known how much speculation will coincide with Valve. Marcys plans to become Dota 2s 121st hero.

Before her, the freshest character was Donbreaker, who appeared in the game on April 9. The meeting with Marcy should take place before the end of the dawn.

Valve announced the second season of the anime DOTA: Dragons Blood. Well see him in January 2022.

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