Marengo attorneys want investigation into Public Prosecution: ‘Fair trial threatened’

The lawyers involved in the Marengo liquidation process want the judges to investigate the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. “The lawyers in the largest and most important criminal trial ever have ended up in a nightmare“, said lawyer Nico Meijering today in the extra secured courtroom at Schiphol Airport. According to him, the right to a fair trial of the suspects is seriously threatened.

In the process, a number of lawyers played a leading role. According to the Justice Department, several lawyers have leaked secret information to criminals and last week it was revealed that Meijering was followed by the Justice Department on a trip to Dubai last year.

“There’s a crisis in the Marengo search. To quote Rutte, you keep your hands off lawyers. That also applies to the OM”, said Meijering today. “Lawyers must be able to do their work freely.”

According to Meijerings’s office colleague Christian Flokstra, it is time to start hearing those involved and managers. “The investigation cannot be left to the Public Prosecutor’s Office because it is about the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office itself. The admissibility of the OM comes into play here.”

They want to hear John Lucas, the Chief Public Prosecutor, among others. They also want to hear the team leader of the Marengo investigation and the liaison officer in Dubai.

Nabil B.’s lawyers joined the request of the defendants’ lawyers. “Because we too are lawyers in the Marengo trial,” says Onno de Jong.

The Public Prosecutor thinks it will take four hours to respond to the lawyers’ request. This is scheduled for the next hearing, on September 3. Press Officer Ferry van Veghel: “There have been harsh words today. They don’t do justice to the actions and intentions of the prosecution.”